The Automated Demand Response (ADR) Program provides incentives and technical assistance for customers investing in energy management controls that also enable demand response (DR).


Technology Category Incentive Rate($ per kW of load shed)
Semi-Automated Demand Response $125
Automated Demand Response $200
Advanced Technology HVAC/R $350
Advanced Technology Lighting $400

ADR encourages customers to expand their energy management capabilities by participating in DR programs using automated electric controls and management strategies.



65 MW Peak Load Reduction Goal

22.44 MW

7 MW Advanced Technology Goal

3.01 MW


Peak Day Pricing Plan

$4,634,849 available

Aggregator Managed Portfolio

$1,956,281 available

Capacity Bidding Program

$83,440 available

ADR + Energy Efficiency Projects

$2,630,147 available
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