Earn incentives that could cover up to 100% of your building controls project cost. The Automated Demand Response (ADR) Program provides incentives and technical assistance for customers investing in energy management controls that also enable demand response (DR).


Technology Category Incentive Rate($ per kW of load shed)
Automated Demand Response $200
Advanced Technology HVAC/R $350
Advanced Technology Lighting $400

ADR encourages customers to expand their energy management capabilities by participating in DR programs using automated electric controls and management strategies.

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Peak Day Pricing Plan

$1,448,000 available

Aggregator Managed Portfolio

$102,300 available

Demand Bidding Program

$1,081,200 available

Capacity Bidding Program

$429,000 available

ADR + Energy Efficiency Projects

$693,700 available
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30 MW Peak Load Reduction Goal

9 MW