2017 Incentives

The ADR Program is dedicated to providing the PG&E rate payers with a robust and diverse mix of automated demand response projects. This diverse mix will help to ensure that when the need for kW load reduction occurs, many ADR projects will be available to shed electric load even if extenuating circumstances prevent one sector from being able to shed load on a specific event day.

Incentive Cap Per PG&E Demand Response Program


DR Program

Incentive Cap

Amount Remaining

Peak Day Pricing (PDP)



Capacity Bidding Program (CBP)



Demand Response Auction Mechanism (DRAM)



PG&E DR Pilots (Supply Side Pilot and Excess Supply Pilot)



Note:  Chart updated on 6/5/2017 and is based on projects under review

Incentive Cap Per Project

The program incentive is capped at 75 percent of the ADR project cost. To promote diversity in the number and types of projects enrolled in the Program, no project can receive more than $600,000 of incentive dollars. Multiple service account IDs can qualify under a single project.

Customer Cap:  $600,000