2018-2022 PG&E ADR Manual Now Available

The 2018-2022 PG&E Automated Demand Response Program Manual is now available: 2018-22 PG&E ADR Program Manual

The Program Manual includes an updated organization to improve consistency and clarity as well as the major policies items summarized below:

  • Added reference to CPUC decisions and ADR Guidelines that govern the PG&E ADR Program 
  • Added CCA eligibility guidelines 
  • Clarified sites on one application will be aggregated together for ADR incentive calculations 
  • FastTrack is not limited to SMB but customers up to 499 kW average summer demand 
  • Clarified locational dispatch is by SAID 
  • Cloud solutions are allowed for SMB and small agricultural pumps 
  • ADR enabling controls for Battery storage are not eligible for ADR incentives 
  • Remote inspection and testing available for small sites with ADR measures of HVAC, lighting and/or water pumping on a limited basis 
  • Clarified language that the 40% performance is based on all events regardless of nomination status or opt-out 
  • Removed definition for Project Office as ADR applications are processed in the PG&E Energy Insight.  
  • Removed the section on Manage Your Power as that is no longer a part of the program  
  • Removed reference to Incentive Recipient Certification of Contractor License and Permit as it is no longer needed 
  • Removed Audit Procedures section to remove redundancy with 2.6.3 Facility Audit 
  • Added good faith participation expectation 
  • Updated 40% payment to be based on nominated events instead of all events 
  • Updated to reflect only a mid-year performance report provided to customers in the 40% performance window