Application Process

Contact us at any time to learn more about the ADR Program and request an preliminary assessment to see if your facility is a good fit for ADR incentives. You can email us at or call us at (855) 866 – 2205.

Step 1 – Project Screening and Enrollment
Step 2 – Facility Audit and Project Review
Step 3 – Reserve Incentives
Step 4 – Project Inspection and Enroll in DR Program
Step 5 – First Incentive Payment
Step 6 – Participate in DR Events
Step 7 – Second Incentive Payment

Items brown below represent documents or forms that Customer or Customer’s vendor submits to ADR Program Team. For an overview of ADR Program application processes, you might also find ADR Forms Checklist to be helpful.

Step 1 – Project Screening and Enrollment:

There is no obligation at this stage. We are happy to assist you with this process, please email or call us and we will walk you through it step-by-step!

To assess eligibility and estimate potential for project incentives,

To place your project in the queue, please email to or the application form:

  • Refer to ADR Program Forms section of the Forms and Resources page for the most recent PG&E ADR Program Application

Step 2 – Facility Audit and Project Review:

There is still no obligation at this step! The facility audit (conducted onsite and/or remotely) and audit report can also be completed by your vendor. If you are not working with a vendor, the ADR Program Team is available to assist with conducting the audit and completing the audit report.

Guidelines for the audit report document, and minimum information required, can be found here:

  • For standard application, refer to ADR Application Information Requirements section of the Forms and Resources page and contact the ADR Team

After the audit report or project proposal is submitted, it is reviewed by the ADR Program Team. The ADR Program Team may request additional clarifying information and data during the audit review. The ADR Program Team may adjust the kW load shed based on the additional data collected.

Step 3 – Reserve Incentives:

You review the ADR Technical Team’s calculated kW load shed, and eligible program incentives. You email your ADR Program Lead confirming which measures you want to move forward with.

PG&E reviews the application package, reserves the incentives, and assigns an application number to your project. Once you receive an email confirmation of project approval from the ADR Program Team, you can begin installation of the DR measures.

Step 4 – Project Inspection and Enroll in DR Program:

To confirm their project is installed and commissioned, you or your vendor submits the following additional items:

  1. Customer submits Itemized invoices. The  Invoice Checklist, and a Sample Invoice provides guidelines on acceptable invoices. Please itemize costs above $5,000
  2. Vendor completes the ADR Installation Form
  3. Vendor enables the system to receive ADR signals from PG&E’s SEELoad server. See SEELoad Connection Guide

Next, an ADR Team member schedules an inspection with the Participant and facility site manager at a time convenient for the Participant. The entire inspection typically takes two to four hours. The ADR Team completes an Inspection and Verification Report.

At this time you will also need to finalize your DR program enrollment. Review eligible DR programs at our DR Programs page.

Step 5 – First Incentive Payment (60% of Total Incentive):

The ADR Team provides the Installation and Verification Report to PG&E. PG&E authorizes and issues the first incentive payment following approval of the Report, and the ADR Team delivers the payment to you.

Step 6 – Participate in DR Events:

Participate in each event of their respective DR Program for one year. For example, if  Step 4 is completed in July of 2017, you will wait for the second incentive payment after July of 2018.

Step 7 – Second Incentive Payment (up to 40% of Total Incentive):

The ADR Team calculates the average kW reduction achieved, averaged across every hour of DR events called, for all events called in the season. The calculated performance for the second payment thus includes any DR events for which Participants decided to opt out during the season. The customer must have on average shed 60% of the approved kW to be eligible for the final 40% payment, then the payment is prorated based on the actual performance over the previous DR Season.

Ongoing Savings:

Continue to shed load automatically for at least three years following project installation and continues to receive ongoing incentives through their enrolled DR Program.