Earn incentives that could cover up to 100% of your building controls project cost.

The PG&E ADR Program now offers a streamlined application process for business customers 499 kW and less in peak summer demand through the following key elements:

  • Pre-approved HVAC and lighting DR strategies
  • Pre-calculated incentives per DR strategy
  • A simple FastTrack Project Calculation Form

Eligible FastTrack businesses include:

  • Office
  • Retail
  • Quick serve restaurant
  • Conditioned warehouse
  • Grocery

FastTrack customers agree to enroll in an eligible PG&E Demand Response (DR) Program and to participate in DR events for 3 years. ADR FastTrack projects are inspected and verified with a load shed test following installation. The projects are paid 100 percent of eligible incentives upon successful inspection.

FastTrack Technology Solutions 

The attached document is a list of companies that provide ADR solutions for businesses 499 kW and smaller. The list is based on companies that have participated in the PG&E ADR Program. It is provided here only as a resource, and does not represent ADR Program Team recommendations of the technologies. Additional products eligible for ADR Program incentives are listed by the OpenADR Alliance at

For Cloud Technology Vendors

Eligibility of ADR Cloud Equipment

  1. Limited to sites with 499 kW or less average summer peak demand. Does not have to be FastTrack project
  2. Project must include a pre-paid 3 year cloud subscription. This is an eligible project cost
  3. Equipment does not need to pass the stranded asset test
  4. Must be OpenADR 2.0A or 2.0B certified
  5. Offered on a first come, first served basis until the 3 MW cumulative cap is reached

Application Process

Step 1 – Apply

The Participant or Project Sponsor reviews, completes, and emails the following application documents to [email protected] and the project is placed in the queue to be reviewed.

  • Refer to Program Forms section of the Forms and Resources page for the most recent 1) PG&E ADR Program Application and 2) PG&E ADR FastTrack Calculation Form

Additionally, customers authorize to share their energy data with ADR Team in 1 of 2 ways:

Step 2 – Reserve Incentives

The ADR Team reviews the forms, verifies the completeness and accuracy of the information, and submits the forms to PG&E to approve and reserve incentive funding. The Participant will receive an email confirmation of this approval and a notification to begin installation of the ADR measures.

Step 3 – Project Inspection

Once installed equipment is operational and commissioned, the Participant submits the items listed below to the ADR Team member

  1. Itemized invoice. The level of detail required is outlined in the Invoice Checklist, and a Sample Invoice is available for reference. Costs above $5,000 should include itemized details.
  2. Completed PG&E ADR Installation Form

The ADR Team member then schedules a two to three hour inspection. The ADR Team documents the inspection in a Verification Report.

Step 4 – Incentive Payment (100% of total incentive)

The ADR Team provides the Verification Report to PG&E. PG&E authorizes and issues the incentive payment following approval of the Report.

Step 5 – Enroll in DR Program and Earn Ongoing Savings

Customer continues to shed load automatically in their enrolled DR Program for at least three years following project installation.

Eligible FastTrack DR Strategies

    1. Space Cooling
      • Increase thermostat temperature
      • Cycle off compressors
      • Cycle off fans along with compressors
    2. Dim lighting