ADR for Office and High Tech

Increase property value through adoption of modern energy management practices. Program staff helps your team define site specific action plans that likely include one-time cash incentives and ongoing reduced energy costs.

shutterstock_114344188 Automated Demand Response program provides benefits for participants. Property teams can potentially receive direct benefits through one time incentives and indirect benefits including year round energy efficiency gains, securing additional LEED points, and saving time for facility engineers. The below videos are available to learn more about how the Automated Demand Response Program can assist in meeting big picture and facility level goals. The videos range from 5 to 9 minutes each for a total of 30 minutes.

    1. Big Picture (7:43)
    1. Facility Motivation (5:25)
    1. Overview of DR Programs (9:03)
  1. Next Steps for Your Facility (7:47)

Project Profiles

High-rise Office Benefits BIG with New HVAC Controls
Measures: Advanced thermostats and energy management system
Program Incentive: $77,000
Load Shed: 221 kW
Description: Located in the heart of San Francisco’s financial district, the 570,900 square foot Class A office building installed new thermostats and programmed a control sequence into their existing central energy management system to increase the space temperature set point throughout the building by four degrees Fahrenheit during events. This command initiates a series of coordinated energy-reduction measures throughout the building’s HVAC system. Air handling units reduce chilled water consumption and fan speed, while chillers demand less electricity with temporarily reduced cooling loads. In addition to a global temperature adjustment, the static pressure set point of the main air handling units is reduced from 1.3” to 1.0” to limit air flow while maintaining supply air temperature control. The building has exceeded its envisioned participation without impacting occupant comfort.

Real Estate Portfolio Upgrades Energy Management Systems at Six Large Office Buildings
Measures: Energy management system upgrade
Program Incentive: $369,000
Load Shed: 1,000 kW
Description: A large real estate management company upgraded their energy management system (EMS) at six facilities in San Francisco. The new EMS system offered highly granular control of specific cooling equipment such as the supply air temperature, fans and chillers for individual zones within the buildings. It also provided feedback from the utility meter in near real time. By emphasizing control strategies in non-critical lab and server spaces, each facility was able to reduce load by approximately 27 percent without negatively impacting the working environment and productivity.

Government Office Building
Measures: Global temperature adjustment
Program Incentive: $17,000
Load Shed: 91 kW
Description: The existing energy management system at an eight story government office building offered limited visibility into the building’s energy use. ADR incentives allowed this customer to achieve their goal of increasing energy and operational efficiency and automating participation. As their demand response strategies, the customer programmed the energy management system to reset the global temperature by 4 degrees and reset the fan static pressure, resulting in a total electricity load shed of 91 kW.

Common strategies for temporarily reducing load for demand response:


  • Reset space temperature
  • Cycle rooftop units
  • Lock out compressor stage (if available)
  • Cycle fans
  • Pre-cooling
  • Reduce static pressure setpoint
  • Limit chiller demand
  • Reset chilled water temperature


  • Dim lights by 10%, 15%, 20% or more
  • Turn off lights in unoccupied spaces (conference room, offices, break room, etc.)
  • Dim or turn off some lights in common areas such as lobby spaces


  • Turn off vending machines and other large plug loads
  • Turn off one or more banks of elevators

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