ADR for Water Supply and Treatment

Upgrade controls, automate processes (pumping), and reduce costs with the help of utility incentives. Customers gain the ability to remotely monitor on/off status of pumps and/or SCADA upgrades to remotely turn off pumps in routine operations.

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Project Profiles

Water District Improves Operations and Earns Big Incentives
Measures: Managed pumping
Program Incentive: $400,000
Load Shed: 2,000 kW
Description:  Located in the San Joaquin Valley, this large water district successfully installed automated controls and developed a tailored load shed strategy to save energy with minimal impact to the downstream distribution processes. By utilizing automated controls, the water district pre-fills canals and uses the stored capacity to offset the pumping requirements of the system during an event. This strategy allows the customer to comfortably shed 2 MW of their load and reduce labor costs by automating pump controls.

Common strategies for temporarily reducing load for demand response:

Municipal water pumping:

  • Turn off all non-essential pumping equipment
  • Pre-fill water storage tanks or canals. Curtail pumps and utilize stored water supply during the event.

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